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Website Grader

Want to know how your site ranks on the Web? And how effective it is compared to your competitors'? WebSite Grader allows you to find out--for free! Enter your URL and some keywords into this simple tool and out comes your Google page rank, an in-depth analysis of your Web page structure, your number of bookmarks and more! Add WebSite Grader to your account for free.

Features and Benefits

WebSite Grader not only grades different aspects of your Web site in relation to those of similar sites on the Web--it also explains what each grade means and provides you recommendations on how to improve! Get comprehensive feedback--and solutions--for these important benchmarks:
  • Google page rank
  • Alexa rank (measures the approximate traffic)
  • Google and Yahoo! inbound links
  • saved bookmarks
  • Text readability level
  • Search rankings for keywords
  • And much more!
How It Works

Simply enter your Web site URL, keywords related to your site, any competitor sites (optional) and your e-mail address--and your report will be generated within minutes. Plus, WebSite Grader will even e-mail you a copy of your results!

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