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Domain Registration

All Domain Registrations or Domain Transfers come with these free features:

Google Apps Enhanced Enhanced

Customized Home Page:  This is a page that you can customize with your personal logo, and any of the gadgets offered.  Sample Home Page

Online Calendar:  Place where you can share and create appointments online easily.  You can even embed them into your own website.  Demo calendar

Online Documents:  Where you can create, share and collaborate on documents with your whole team in real time.  Demo

Google Talk™:  Instantly communicate with co-workers, friends & family, make pc to pc voice calls for free.  even make pc to phone calls at very low rates.

Gmail:  Get a free email account at your own custom domain name, that comes with 6 GB of space, so you don't have to worry about running out of room. You can access your emailfrom anywhere, even your mobile device.

Free Parked Page:  We will put up a webpage on your domain that lets visitors know that, this domain has been registered and that a website is being currently worked on, so that they will check back soon

Domain Forwarding:  You will have full control of where your new domain points to, this can be another website.  Your control panel gives you total control.


* Accounts can be setup with a maximum of 100 different users, which can be added from your administration panel.  This means you can utilize upto 100 email accounts.  Gmail will only be setup on Domain registration accounts, web hosting accounts use our webmail system, which allows unlimited storage and greater number of accounts.  However, you can request to utilize Gmail if desired.


Purchase or Renew a Domain

Purchase a Domain
Just $7.50/year

Renew a Domain
Just $7.50/year



Web Manager
Just imagine ... having a dedicated technical consultant to take care of the things you need a little help with or just can't get to.

For less than the price of a Webmaster or tech guy, we've got a personal Web Manager waiting to help you.

Your manager will:
  • Save you time.
  • Set up e-mail accounts.
  • Install applications.
  • Create databases.
  • Modify DNS for domains.
  • Answer questions.
  • Solve Support issues